Your statements are Creation Requests – what message are you sending?


Your current physical reality is a “holodeck” projection that is being reflected on the mirror of your higher mind.

You are creating your own holographic universe.

The reality of your world is created through the thought energy that you put out. The way you “put out” your energy is by strongly believing in something. You don’t need to learn how to do this; it’s inherent. You just need to get conscious control of it.

The trick is to become aware that you are creating an undesirable reality experience and to then learn how to change the channel by changing your frequency to something you do desire.

Each of your beliefs is a specific frequency. You shift your frequency by shifting your beliefs. To do this you have to be aware of your thoughts and then ensure they are following the script you choose over the subconscious one built up over the years.

If you find yourself “stuck” in a certain reality cycle over and over, start working on what you believe is a truth that may be keeping you there.

For instance, lets talk about the common three. Career, love and money. If you consistently find yourself in a lack condition of not having the “right” job, the “right” relationship and income always travels with a following “crisis” that takes it away just as fast, you are in a lack mentality.

Your thoughts are creating a world of not enough. You have gotten accustomed to this reality and are, in your speech patterns, statements and thoughts creating more of the same.  You probably mention 3 times a day a statement stating you have a lack in this item as opposed to what you really want to create.

So here is a little experiment:  Identify a “lack” condition in your life. Track your thoughts on that one item for the next two days. Write down all the statements you make on the topic and ideas you have without judging them or trying to analyze it.  You are just acquiring data!   At the end of the two days, read what you have captured and understand that these things you think and say are your creation statements.  These are the requests you are sending out to the Universe for delivery.

So if these don’t accurately reflect what you actually want in life, write out the statements that mirror the reality you would rather create.

Every time you have the original thought or limiting lack statement, overwrite it with the new one and watch how your world changes!