Who Is Worthy of Your Love?


What if the only thing you truly owned in this life was your love?

What would you do with it? Who would you give it to? Who deserves the honor?

What would it look like when you shared it?

Would you dole it out sparingly, giving it only to those trading you something of equal value?

Would you pour it out to every living soul?

Would you hold onto it tightly, fearing it might get used up?

What if you realized that it couldn’t be taken from you?

What if it had to be willingly given and was completely under your control?

What if for every ounce that you expended you were replenished ten-fold?

Would you feel powerful?  

Would you feel less used, less manipulated, less violated, less hurt?

If you considered your love to be your treasure, a priceless gift uniquely your own in this world….who would you give it to?

Would you ask God to guide you in using this newly recognized and powerful force?

What if you decided to measure your value not by who loved you but by the amount of love you offered each day?

And what if you released any expectation of how others reacted to your gift?

How would this change the way you interact with the people sharing the road or elevator with you, your waitress at lunch, your coworkers, the supermarket staff, or the neighbor whose dog won’t quit barking?

What if you made it a game to find and vocalize something you genuinely appreciate in everyone around you?

Who would receive the precious gift of your love and acceptance today?