What Is a Resistant Saint?


Welcome to Resistant Saints, a landing place for individuals who are the Seekers, the Explorers, and the Collectors of all things that help define the spiritual connection between themselves and the Divine.

These are the archaeologists and anthropologists of the spiritual realm. Resisting all current labels they seek to do their own field research untainted by others’ translations until they arrive at their own conclusions.

These adventurous souls have an unrivaled thirst for knowledge. What begins as a sense of frustration at the lack of ready answers soon grows into a passionate quest to find these answers for themselves.

As they set out to explore this world, they bring an excitement and open-mindedness to their adventure that leads them through a myriad of destinations and experiences. In their journey, they uncover unexplained marvels, gather kernels of truth from all traditions that change their very being, and experience many validating revelations which confirm the ever-expansive nature of the spiritual world all around them.

A Resistant Saint is someone who either didn’t grow up under a specific religious doctrine or found that the one in which they were raised no longer resonates with their adult philosophies.

A Resistant Saint is someone who finds they have more questions than their religious leaders and study materials have answers.

A Resistant Saint is someone who has a strong need to understand the concepts of their own personal spiritual connection to the Divine.

A Resistant Saint is someone who is so hungry for answers that they grow impatient with teaspoon-sized spiritual feeding models and are driven to adopt self study.

A Resistant Saint is someone who has sampled many different religious doctrines and theologies, pulling out the kernels of personal truth from each and leaving the rest.

A Resistant Saint is someone who believes that a version of God exists that is much more expansive in vision and scope than outlined by today’s labels and views.

A Resistant Saint is someone who experiences peace in exploring God’s creative vibration in the natural world around them.

A Resistant Saint is someone who has an inner knowing that there must be more to life and to the human experience than food, clothing, shelter, work and relationships.

A Resistant Saint is someone who has an awareness that they are spiritual creatures having a physical experience and seeks a deeper understanding and expression of their spiritual selves.

A Resistant Saint is someone who desires a deeper connection with the Divine and wants to use their life to fulfill a purpose bigger than themselves.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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The Top 10 Traits of a Resistant Saint