What Color of Lights are on Your Light Strand?


Life isn’t about dropping your head down and using it as a battering ram through any and all obstacles as you set out to achieve some distant goal. And blocks aren’t some evil thing setup as tests that are to be powered over and through. They are opportunities to pause and evaluate where we are and what we want next.

Life is more like a string of Christmas lights.

Yes, there is an end to the strand. But each step in your journey allows you to stop and replace the next bulb with whatever color you choose.

As you step up to the next white light in your life experience, will you put in a orange bulb, or a blue one? Maybe the next light is burned out and you need to spend some time there troubleshooting to get the next segment of the strand to light up and guide you forward.

But each moment of pause is an opportunity and needs to be contemplated not conquered. What bulb color is in your hand right now that is coloring your current experience?

Are you adding a color that you enjoy and brings you happiness or are you choosing a color because it is someone else’s favorite?

Are you giving up the power of choice and waiting for the Universe to select one at random or choosing it for yourself? Is the bulb color you are about to place in the strand before you one that serves your highest and best interest or does it bring you frustration and sadness?

Look in front of you: All the bulbs in the strand before you are pure white and ablaze with endless possibility and are therefore, neutral.

Now look behind you: Look at the vibrancy and diversity you have been coloring your world with. Is it diverse in color, thereby showing a life experience full of highs and lows? Do you have a strand monochromatic and devoid of options that is giving you the illusion you only have one color from which to choose? How do you feel about the string of lights behind you? If this quick review of the color of lights has you feeling less than fulfilled, there is great news.

Every forward opportunity holds endless possibility and YOU have the control of what color of bulb to place at each stopping point to light that experience with.

Decide what color you want to add to your present experience.

If you are happiest when awash in yellow light, then put down the box containing green, blue and red. Why would YOUR light strand be influenced by anything that makes you less than fulfilled?

When you look back from the end of the strand one day, whether that is 15 strands tied together or one that has been cut short, it will be a dazzling array of life experience colors designed only by you.

These unique perspectives, represented by our colored life strands, are the gift we bring back to God at the end of our time here.

Only you are experiencing your world with your perspective. Make sure your Life’s Light Strand is a blazing representation of pure SELF expression untainted by others.

Light your strand with colors representing what brings you Fulfillment, Pure Self Expression and JOY!