The Top 10 Traits of a Resistant Saint


Resistant Saints are people who resist common labels to define their own spirituality.  

This goes way beyond today’s terminology of being “Spiritual but not religious.”

A resistant saint is the type of person who, when asked “What faith do you belong to?” by another, goes through a myriad of different facial expressions before answering in a somewhat defeated tone, “It’s hard to explain.”

Do you think you may be a Resistant Saint?  

Here’s a quick list of the top 10 traits shared by those seeking to define their spiritual connection with Creation and Creator in non stereotypical ways.

  1. Inquisitive
    • You are a seeker trying to find real answers to an ever growing list of spiritual questions and have a running list of conflicts you haven’t yet resolved.
    • Somewhere along the way you’ve been a spiritual discussion leader’s worst nightmare, as your quick mind doesn’t abide the confines of a limited or closed syllabus. Quite frankly, they have started ignoring your upraised hand.
    • It isn’t your intention to cause conflict by bringing up your questions. You truly hope someone will advance your understanding by answering them!  
    • Your frustration at the slow pace of many spiritual teaching models has driven you to adopt your own self study.  However, you find that every answer only leads to more questions.
  2. Defender
    • You speak out when seeing injustice and defend those less powerful than you.
    • You have a highly defined sense of right and wrong and stringently follow your own set of morals and principles.
    • Though you aren’t quick to anger, there is no stopping your impulses to speak out against any egregious abuse of power or injustice.  
    • Your defense of the downtrodden extends to all aspects of creation whether it be a historic tree, a threatened species, an at-risk community, or the balance of the planet and its resources
  3. Outsider
    • You think you may be from somewhere else, as you don’t always fit in.  You prefer to be a part of many groups rather than becoming a member of just one.
    • When it comes to your family, no one will admit it, but you are pretty sure you are adopted!
    • Self acceptance has been a journey but you are learning to understand and accept who you are.
    • Somewhere along the way you’ve been given validation by others that they see you as an example and look up to you.  Who knew?!
  4. Purposeful
    • Your life must be focused on something bigger than yourself or you get bored – and you being bored is not good for anybody!
    • Whatever you do, you bring all that you have to each activity. You are often described as intense and told you make others tired when they watch you.   
    • You have a global sense of community that goes way beyond your family, neighborhood, or country.
    • You want the energy you pour out in life to have a positive impact on the world around you and seek ways to ensure this is the case.
  5. Mentor / Coach
    • You readily see the unique gifts in others and strive to help them see this beauty in themselves.
    • Somehow you are the one who others come to when they need to talk, as your straight-forward manner and non-judgmental perspective is a safe harbor for those who are struggling.
    • That said, you also know how to use tough talk and probably embraced the art of tough love WAY before it was cool.
    • Your ability to see the best in everyone is one of your finest traits.
  6. Mental
    • Face it – You are pretty sure you are crazy and barely keeping it under wraps!
    • You no longer know what to use as a baseline of normalcy as the common world, in your view, is the one that has truly lost its mind.
    • If caring about the Kardashians is normal – you’d rather be crazy!
    • You’ve put to rest your fears about the sanity of your mind with the phrase, “Only crazy people don’t question their sanity.”  As you question yours daily, you must be okay.
  7. Intuitive
    • You’ve learned to follow your gut versus your logic and have learned to analyze, but mostly disregard, well-meant advice.
    • Your life seems to have a different set of rules than everyone else and you have learned to trust your instincts.
    • You have an inner voice that prompts you to act, such as directing you to offer money or aid to the homeless man on the street or to speak with the shy lady on the bus, usually with remarkable results.  You’ve learned to trust it.
    • You can tell when others are under stress and often surprise them when you quietly check in with your kind, “Are you okay?”
  8. Expansive Vision
    • Your definition of God is WAY bigger than the labels you find in many traditions. You struggle with words and concepts to explain your personal beliefs and relationship to others.
    • You have found that every new concept learned about the Divine, once processed, opens up a larger and more expansive vision that needs to be explored.
    • Your spiritual walk is loaded with moments when you are pretty sure your brain is going to explode from having to stretch it so quickly.
    • It is a common occurrence in your study to think, “I’m going to have to come back to that,” as you massage your now pounding head.
  9. Adventurer
    • You have a zest for life and for experiences that makes many of your family/friends nervous!  They constantly remark that you seem to be in a race with time.
    • Others proclaim that you have no fear and yet you openly describe instances when you felt it very deeply.  You just brush the fear aside and do these things anyway.
    • The thought of living a normal, settled life with no opportunities for growth or learning puts you into a panic bordering on fight or flight.
    • Face it, you have a bit of a commitment phobia if you perceive choices will limit your opportunities to explore all you want to in this lifetime.
  10. Truth Collector
    • You embrace a variety of views and concepts and have collected corner stones from many of them to build your spiritual house’s foundation.
    • If something rings your inner “truth bell” you collect it and more importantly you actively apply it in how you live your life.
    • You don’t expect that any of your truths apply to anyone else.
    • You have a “Gong Show” buzzer that blares when something is out of alignment with your personal truth and you have learned to trust it without feeling the need to debate the issue with others.

So how many of the traits above do you have?  

Every time your inner voice said, “That’s me,” when reading the description, give yourself a point and then check your score below.

1 – 2   = Barely Resistant
3 – 4   = Genuinely Resistant
5 – 6   = Actively Resistant
7 – 8   = Highly Resistant
9 – 10 = Intentionally Resistant