Reviewing your Fields


Every moment and every event of your life on Earth plants something to grow in your soul.

Be a patient, mindful, and intentional gardener, for one day it will be time to stand up, stretch, and look back on your harvest.

These time periods between planting each section are critical.

They generally show up in the three stages of life and help us to survey where we are as we prepare for adulthood, midlife and our 3rd phase as a senior, and coincide roughly with age 30, 50 and 70.

If you are at one of these stages and have been given the opportunity to stand up, focus on the world around you, stretch and perceive how you and your body feel and to take a bit of a break, CELEBRATE!

For it means you are about to change position, move to another field and start anew.

Take the time to really look at the fields you have planted to date.

Not as an angry farmer with a bottle of weed killer in one hand and anger and self incrimination in the other. But instead, as the experienced farmer you have become, surveying all your lessons and life experiences.

What experimental techniques and practices of what you see will you take forward? Do you have the tools and seeds you need for the new field or is it time to start afresh?

Either way, take this time to really resonate with the sights, smells, feelings and sounds of this moment.

Then use the data you gather to form a new plan as you walk to the adjoining field. And do so with a joyful heart for you are here to gather a crop of experiences and now, once again, have all of creation to bring into existence.

Do so with intention and a clear vision for you are the gardener of your own fields.

The gardener who stands aside to see what will simply happen on its own gets a field of natural plants suited only to feeding others.