Know when to Cut the Cord!


Have you ever heard of etheric or spiritual cords?

What are these exactly?

Spiritual cords are mental and emotional connections we send out from our energetic bodies and they can be attached to events, places, or things. However, we most often discuss these in relation to how we connect emotionally and spiritually to other people.

In some cases, like our connection to the Divine or to those with whom we have a loving and emotionally supportive relationship, this is a great thing! These connections allow us to both give and receive loving thoughts and energy at a much deeper level and are healthy spiritual cords.

Cords get stronger or “larger” depending on the time, energy and emotion you put into your thoughts about the object you are connected to. Loving couples often say they are able to pick up on each other’s thoughts. But this can go the opposite way as well. If you are obsessing and constantly thinking negative, fear based thoughts, your partner will “receive” these signals loud and clear.

So, unhealthy cord connections do exist. These can be relationships with others in which we seek to control them or are under their control. Once the cord is established it becomes an open internet channel and will transmit your feelings whether those are positive or negative in nature.

With long attached loving couples, this is no issue, as they expect a little of both in a realistic relationship. But for relationships nearing the expiration date and beyond this quickly becomes a toxic feed that taps the connection holder’s energy and leaves them unable to move on.

So, how do you know if one of your cords has now become a negative kind of attachment?

Simple: these connections will drain you and when you think of the person/object the emotions will be strong and negative in nature. (anger, jealousy, hurt, resentment, sadness, shame, fear of loss, possessiveness).

Or maybe you have moved on, but can continually feel a feed of negativity from an ex lover or a former friend who you know wishes you ill. They pop up into your thoughts and dreams or at weird times and it is probably starting to really drive you crazy.

So what can be done about it?
There are tons of ways to assist with understanding and removal of unhealthy spiritual cords. These include forgiveness exercises, visualization and intention practices as well as some very common sense approaches like setting intentions to cease talking about or thinking about the other person.

If you quit sending out the “ping” to their cord, they will often cease returning it.

Tried that and it isn’t working?
Find a holistic practitioner in your area who works with Chakras or Energy and energy clearing and ask them to work with you on some of the techniques outlined above.

The world needs your full intensity and bright light right now.

If someone is tapping into your spiritual battery in a negative way, and causing your light to dim, it is time to cut the cord.

Peace and Love –