I’ll talk to you later, God…


One of the most difficult things, in this fast paced world, is to make time to deeply commune with God.

For many of us, that equates to finding 20 minutes or so to separate ourselves from family, chores, work and kids to run away to our meditation cushion, prayer closet or to find a quiet place in Nature.

It can also start another round of personal shaming, as we put it off over and over until we find ourselves exhausted at the end of the day and proclaim we will “get up early” tomorrow instead.

So, until you can get to your meditation spot…

What would it look like if you texted God instead?

Interesting concept right? How much more could you communicate with God if it could be done while you go about your day and would only take the time it takes to text?

As you go about your day try a new strategy in which you attempt to keep a running dialogue with God in small bytes throughout the day. Every time you think about it, mentally text God right then and there.

You are driving to an appointment. It will take you 20 minutes to get there. Talk to God about some of the questions you have in your head. Tell him you need ideas on how you can respond more effectively to handle coworkers that are blocking or challenging you. Ask for ideas on what to give your husband for your anniversary. Talk with him like the intimate friend He is. This isn’t a running monologue in which you pour out all your troubles. These should be small questions in which you are requesting answers and assistance.

Then prepare yourself! Because in making God your conscious friend and inner dialogue partner you will notice something amazing happening to you.

Long before you get to your prayer closet or meditation cushion that evening, you will see that He is answering your questions and giving you little promptings to assist you all throughout your day.

It will become the most intimate and loving relationship of your life, as you begin to share inside jokes, tiny confirmations and ways to express your love and gratitude with your Creator every minute of the day.

You may only be mentally texting him, but He has the entire world around you in which to answer you back.

You are sending him a thought but He is ruler of the holodeck in which your reality is created. He can make that world do anything.

Stay alert and stand in awe at the millions of ways God is smiling and talking with you through His creation every day!