God isn’t waiting to taser you if you initially get it wrong!


Somehow I think I had a picture of a God who had all the answers and for some reason simply wouldn’t share the vision with me.

But too many times, I think we stall ourselves with fear thinking there is some perfect path that we are just supposed to know and that the ramifications of going off trail will be as dire as being tased!

But it isn’t like we get angelic visitations today to tell us our next steps. We have to instead rely on our own spirit which represents its higher knowledge of “the plan” through dissatisfaction, joy, and strong unexpected emotional reactions to options.

This type of listening and obedience takes some false starts to create a direction.

So I present 1 Samuel 23 (2-14). Where David – a well versed man in speaking with The Lord in two way conversation still goes back to God TWICE when God told him to go fight the Philistines especially as his men were also afraid.

I guess my takeaway is that we all need to cut ourselves a little bit of slack when we need to do multiple confirmations of messages we are receiving – you aren’t saying you question God – you’re ensuring your overdeveloped logic circuits didn’t misinterpret the message

I think you’ll probably get off with just a warning!¬†