Exploring the Spiritual Divide – Episode One (Edge Riders / Dave Barnett)



Rocket Scientist – Healer – Mystic

Dave Barnett personifies what it means to be an Edge Rider.  Living with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world, he serves as a bridge for others while mentoring them to find their own spiritual connections.

When Dave – a left brain, analytical rocket scientist – returned home for a High School reunion, a former classmate demonstrated how he could use his energetic intention to change the output of electrical objects.  This event started Dave on a journey to investigate the metaphysical world for himself – from channeling and meditation to remote healing and muscle testing. 

Host Bonnie Eaddy sits down with Dave to discuss how he identified his spiritual gifts, how he developed those gifts to assist others, and how he balances his energetic healing work with his day job as an electrical engineer.

If you’d like to learn even more about Dave Barnett or contact him, visit DaveTheMystic.com.

This episode was filmed on location inside the Historic Callahan House in Longmont, Colorado.


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BONUS Behind-the-Scenes Video

Watch as Dave Barnett gives our Director, Mari Wolf, a personal session
to identify her spiritual gifts.