We are Dreaming the Wrong Dream!


In a given day, we are continually barraged with negative and bad tidings proving to each of us that the entire world is falling apart.

But that is only the world of our future if we all continue to add our visualization and creative power to it!

The Lakota have a saying that I will roughly paraphrase; 
The world is a dream, we are all co creators of this dream, and right now, we are dreaming the wrong dream!

So today, I am going to ask each of us to do a small thing to bring about change;

Dream something better!

Every time, you are given the opportunity to lash out at someone with an opposing view, fight for your causes and launch psychic arrows across the rope of differing opinions, STOP!

Your thought arrows have power and you are creating damage to these souls.

Quiet you mind, let go of “how” you think the situation can be resolved and instead visualize the world as you want it. Don’t focus on how to get there (as in many cases this goes back to your ego’s “rightness” which is grounded in your beliefs).

Instead focus on the acceptable result which we all probably would agree on.

For instance, you can launch your opinions at other people on gun control or no gun control and all the nuances therein.

Or, you can begin to visualize a world where all souls and life are respected. Where we are back in balance with Nature and with ourselves.

Take Action, but not in opposition of views, instead take action in spiritual practice by actively making blessing statements and launching them into our world.

Bless your leaders that they may do what is best for you, your family, your society and our planet to create a more harmonious world.

Bless those who oppose your views that a way may be revealed that the ultimate goal of peace, respect for all life and harmony will be restored.

For visualizing our rightness and succeeding at the overthrowing of another group’s ideas is not a path that leads to harmony. This is a path that leads to one group’s dominion over another.

So I ask each of you to join me in reciting the following this day each time you are given the opportunity to throw more negative psychic arrows into the Universe and help us all create a better dream for tomorrow.

“I bless this world and all of its inhabitants, recognizing that each is an equal and respected spark of the Divine. I bless all of our world’s leaders that they may be guided by the actions best suiting harmony of our planet and its people. I dream a future world where we can live in freedom and in peace respecting each person’s path while enabling a sustainable coexistence with our planet and with all life.”

Let’s Dream the Right Dream!