Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?


A thermostat – works under the principle that there is a setpoint temperature, which has been established as desirable, that needs to be maintained. They work as control devices combining both sensing and control action elements to recognize errors between desired and measured outcomes and to take action to bring results back into desirable parameters. The thermostat reads the changes (as in the heat/cold of a room) then takes action (turns on the heat or AC to correct this issue).

A thermometer – simply converts information that it receives in one reading (temperature impacts to its internal mercury) and converts it to a numerical value (temperature numbers on the bar it presents). So though it does its job in monitoring processes and showing results, its doesn’t take any action if those results are undesirable. It simply keeps reporting them over and over again with no connection to actions or creating a process for change.

So think about the state of peace and tranquility you carry within. If you are a thermometer you are running around telling everyone you know that the parameters you are feeling are undesirable.  This takes the form of complaining, blaming behaviors which demand the world to change what it is doing to let you feel more comfortable.  It requires that someone else take action.

If you are a thermostat, you are recognizing the parameters you are feeling are undesirable and going within to determine what action you can take to address the situation to bring “you” back into a peaceful and tranquil state.  This takes a lot more discipline, but you will find the results are easier to achieve then asking others around you to alter their behavior.

You can’t control the sunlight, winter winds or conditions of the world around you. But within your own “house” you are master of the control device monitoring and controlling your own emotions and actions.

Take control over that which you have any control over (yourself) and keep a close monitor on your own readings. That way you can stay in your desired state which brings the best gift to the Universe imaginable; that of your best, highest and calmest self!

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