Appendix of Terminology


Clairvoyance – Precognition or remote viewing to see events happening outside of the normal range of perception such as those happening to someone else and at a time when the clairvoyant was not present.

Divine – Those things believed to be eternal and based in sacred truth.  They come from a supreme being and are therefore regarded as sacred and Holy.

Intercessor – A person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.  Someone who has the spiritual care of a number of persons sharing a common tradition and who intercede on their behalf and is responsible to maintain a spiritual connections with the Divine.

Medicine Man – A healer and spiritual leader serving a community of indigenous people who uses his knowledge, gifts, and connection to the spirit world to cure illnesses and to combat evil spirits.

Medium / Mediumship – Communicating with the spirits of the dead by asking these spirits to channel their energy through a trained medium to pass their messages on to waiting family members.  It is believed this often involves the spirit materializing in visible ways or through telekinetic activity.

Paranormal Investigation / Ghost Hunting – Those attempting to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity through the use of electronic devices, including EMF (Electromagnetic Field Measurement) readers, digital thermometers, thermal imaging and night vision cameras, and digital audio recorders.

Pastor/Minister/Priest – Though these important intercessors have many differing roles, in the broadest sense they are someone in charge of a church who has the spiritual care of a number of persons. Someone authorized to conduct religious worship, religious rites, and administer sacraments.

Psychic / ESP (Extrasensory perception) – A person who uses ESP to identify information not available to the normal senses and who performs acts inexplicable by natural laws through the use of telepathy or clairvoyance.

Prayer Warrior – Common evangelical term used to refer to anyone who is considered gifted in intercession and committed to praying for others.

Shaman / Shamanism – A person who enters a trance state to serve as an intermediary between the spirit world and the physical world, using this connection to cure illness, balance spiritual forces, and foretell the future.

Soulmate – Someone with whom a person has a feeling of deep or natural affinity and the connotation is that the two souls were predestined to unite for a specific purpose.  They therefore share a very deep bond, often believed to have existed over multiple lifetimes or incarnations.

Source – A non-religious modern term used to reference the creative power behind all that exists.

Spiritualist – Someone who can communicate with the dead usually through a ritual or seance.

Twin Flame – Unlike a soulmate in which two separate souls meet and share a unique bond, twin flames are believed to have originally belonged to one soul energy at the time of creation and were literally split into two.  The energy of these souls is the exact and inverse duplicate of the other and are therefore the ultimate Yin/Yang balance.  It is taught that although you can have many soulmates you only have one twin flame and that these twin souls often come together upon their last incarnation to return to their creator in wholeness as when they were created.

Walk Beside – A term used to describe a romantic partner who is perceived to be bound spiritually to the other regardless of whether they are legally married or even share the same residence.  This terminology can be found in cultures where the end of a romantic relationship is described in terms of their learning or spiritual contract being complete versus our modern terms of break up, divorce, and dissolution.

Witch Doctor – A type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft.  These traditional healers were not witches themselves.  They created amulets, charms, performed rituals and performed spiritual surgery to remove the harms created by curses, hexes, and evil spirits.