Resistant Saints serves as a global resource created to provide thought provoking content to remind each of us that we are all spiritual beings living a physical experience.

At ResistantSaints.com, we are here to provide supportive messages, in-depth informative articles, and short stories aimed at helping people develop a balance between their heart, mind, and spirit.  We also wish to foster a community of those who practice self awareness and spiritual attunement and who feel called upon to focus their energies to assist others and our planet in finding wholeness and healing.

We honor each soul’s individual, unique path and do not seek to guide it in any single direction.  Instead, we wish to engage the growing global community of seekers, people who resist common labels and choose to define their own spirituality, by offering access to ancient traditions, ceremonies, and beliefs that provide thought provoking concepts aimed at resolving the many unanswered questions most of us have developed in our search for a deeper relationship with our Creator.


ResistantSaints.com is the creation of Bonnie Eaddy, a world traveler and life-long student.  With a passion for gaining real understanding, she has spent her adult life pouring over scriptures, supportive text, and ancient traditions in order to build her own spiritual base.  She has worked as a software development project manager, holistic healthcare business owner, and community college instructor teaching massage, Reiki, acupressure, somatic psychology, and reflexology.  And after spending 20 years in the corporate world, she is acutely aware of the effort it takes to stay balanced between spiritual goals and real world obligations.

Never satisfied to just read about something if she can experience it, Bonnie has taken classes on Indigenous Shamanic practices, studied 1st Century Christian traditions, and talks with others to learn new perspectives and viewpoints to expand her own perceptions.  She is also devoted to educating others and finds no greater joy than sharing the principles and traditions she has learned in an unbiased way.


“The best payback moment for me is when someone finds some pearl of wisdom in my writing that can bring them a new perspective in their life.” – Bonnie Eaddy